January 2018 Seattle Housing Heat Index

January 2018 Seattle Housing Heat Index

See how the Seattle housing market compares to other areas in the country with the real estate heat index. You can see from the graph that buyers are already starting to increase in our area. That leads to multiple offers on most desirable new listings. Buyers need to prepare for intense competition and should make sure they have a qualified experienced agent. Having a competent agent can give you an edge to “win” the home.


Sellers can use the Seattle housing heat index to their advantage to obtain the highest net profit when selling their home. Timing the market can be a 10% swing or more depending on conditions. That is one of the reasons to obtain a market analysis. Find qualified real estate agent that works in your area who can asses the housing market and can advise you on the best time to sell.

If you need to sell right away, it is a great time! In fact, the inventory is so low there are many homes that sell over listing price within a week on the market. Buyers are having to waive numerous contingencies to compete with other buyers. If you’re thinking about selling but are waiting for the traditional “Spring” market it may be in your best interest to list now. Those things that you wanted to finish before listing might not be important. You may be able to sell now for a bigger profit. Contact us if you want our opinion.


If you need to buy now, it’s imperative to hire an experienced talented agent that will use a plethora of resources to make your housing dreams come true! There are many angles and methods to use to stand out from the competition and not all real estate agents are made the same. Just as you’d want to find the best doctor to treat a serious illness or the best lawyer that will fight for your rights, you need to do the research on the best real estate agent for your needs. Take the time to interview at least two before making a choice. You’ll be glad you did.


Remember to do the same research when finding a lender. You’ll want to definitely go through the pre-approval process before you start looking. There are also down payment help programs available. Check to see if you qualify!

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Seattle Housing Heat Index
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Seattle Housing Heat Index

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