Living in Mukilteo & The New Public Terminal at Paine Field

Living In Mukilteo

Having lived all over Puget Sound has shown me just how lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful part of the world.  Lush and green, with moderate temperatures year round, we have natural beauty and abundance all around us.  From The Olympic Mountain range to the West, The Cascade Mountain range to the East, and Puget Sound in the middle, it’s no wonder Seattle is considered the 2nd fastest growing city in The U.S. according to Forbes:

My current residence in Mukilteo has been my favorite of all the places I’ve called home.  With Japanese Gulch, Puget Sound and a plethora of cool people, Mukilteo is such a wonderful place to live.

If you’re like me, and you also live in the Mukilteo/Everett area, you might be wondering how the new public terminal at Paine Field is going to effect our daily lives.

See link below for an update on the terminals progress:

I’m not sure myself how the terminal will impact my life, and only time will tell, but I did come up with an idea to measure the impact, if any.

For all the scientists out there, I propose we record our activities for 5-10 minute each day that we’re outside.  For example, you can use a Go Pro, or your smart phones video or voice memo feature for recordings, ie, I just made a voice memo titled “ambient back yard” with the date & time.  That way we can record the same activity once the airport is open, and we’ll have an a/b comparison to document the noise impact, if any.

With your help these combined recordings will be an invaluable documentation of the impact of Propellor Airports new public terminal.

Sometimes not knowing the outcome of something is the most difficult part. Maybe this will provide us some peace of mind.

If you see us walking in The Gulch, make sure to say hi.


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