SouthWest Airlines Surprises with Paine Field Flights from Everett

SouthWest Surprise

Wow! I just got done writing my last blog post about Alaska Airlines announcing their flights from Paine Field starting in the Fall of this year. I was under the assumption that the new terminal was maxed out with Alaska Air and United confirmed for 19 flights a day, apparently that was fake news!?! Propeller who owns the terminal was able to tweak the timing and add more… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s the same concept in real estate construction. Builders add as many houses as they can to increase their net profit. It’s business, but this will be a quality of life adjustment. I know that the smaller planes will be a lot quieter than the old war planes that fly out of Paine Field (see my video below), but I will miss the times walking in Japanese Gulch without hearing a plane take off on my walks with the dogs.


Pema looking cute and Sockeye looking for squirrels in Japanese Gulch
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